0. Deutschland von 1886 bis zum Jahr 1990

0.1 Wissenswertes über die Jahre 1886 bis 1938

1. Book launch: Sein Kampf [His Fight]Under the cover of the book and its ISBN number, you will find the prologue of this book about Germany from 1933 until 1937.

1.1 Passages taken from 1933 to 1937

1.2 Excerpts taken from 1938 and 1939 (not published yet)

2. Intimfeinde – Die Selbstteilung der Deutschen und der Kalte Krieg

[Arch-enemies – The 'Self-division' of the Germans and the Cold War]

The six volumes of Intimfeinde reflect my views on the methods used to have Germany divided and to support the Eastern part of Germany so that it would not break down economically.

2.1 to 2.7 Events of interest of every single year. There you will also find the ISBN numbers of the six volumes.

3. Here you will find texts tailored to French-speaking readers, to Russian-, English- and German-speaking readers. These texts deal with the beginning of the Cold War and the role the West German intelligence service played in it.

3.1 La Guerre froide et comme les Allemands ont divisé l’Allemagne

3.2 Почемуначаласьхолоднаявойна?

3.3 How the West German intelligence service fostered the Cold War in 1945 in order not to pay reparations.

3.4 Wie der BND dafür sorgte, dass die Bundesrepublik nicht für die Kriegsschäden in Europa zu bezahlen hatte.

4.1 This is a letter with a short introduction to this topic in Polish

4.2 Here you will find a short introduction in French

4.3 The main ideas can be found here in English

5.1 This is a collection of quotations implying that the Adenauer government may not have been interested in John F. Kennedy winning a second term

5.2 Here you will find a shortened version in English

6.1 What about Germans and Jews?

6.2 Here is a collection of interesting facts about the role the churches in Germany played from 1933 until 1990.

6.3 Some thoughts about the activities of several secret services

6.4 An intelligence service affair of 1954 may well be able to determine what the aims of West German intelligence services were.

6.5 Whereas the United States was struggling hard to put an end to Socialist experiments in Eastern Europe, top politicians in West Germany were trying hard to save just this system.

6.6 Strange observations regarding left-wing and right-wing groupings in West Germany

6.7 An article published in No. 22/2010 of the political magazine Ossietzky

7.1 Did West German politicians try to unite West Berlin and the Russian Zone?

7.2 How does a journalist respond to this accusation?

7.3 Some potentially interesting details regarding the building of the Wall in Berlin